Nielsen Restaurant

Christmas take-away


Christmas menu for groups

For groups (7 people or more)

You can order from the menu but we also offer

Smørrebrød-big box

21 half slices – good for 7-8 people

ATT! If you order 4 ore more boxes each box costs 28.000kr.-

30.450 ISK

Herring platter (ca. 7 people)

All three Christmas herrings á la Nielsen restaurant w/boiled egg, onion, butter and rye bread

8.500 ISK

Christmas gourmet platter (ca.7 people)

Cured goose, reindeer tartar, smoked salmon, Mrs.Poulsen‘s liver paté, smoked lamb, cured ham, horseradish salad, red onion compote, pickled mustard seeds, bread

13.000 ISK

Dessert platter (for 7 people)

You choose between æbleskiver or Ris á l‘amand


8.750 ISK

If you want to choose from the menu, the menu price applies.

To order, please contact us via phone 471-2001 or through e-mail

Orders need to be placed 2 days prior to pick up.

Opening times:

Monday – Friday: 11:30 – 15:00
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Contact us:
+354 471 2001
Tjarnarbraut 1, 700 Egilsstaðir.