The taste of East Iceland

Dinner menu


Tomatoes (V)
Skyr, strawberries, herbs

Barley arancini (V)
Herb mayo, beef lardo, black garlic

Potatoes (V)
Smoked mayo, herb crumbs, pickled rhubarb

Porcini mushrooms(V)
Grilled focaccia, herb smulsion, scallion

Wild trout tartar
Goat skyr, croutons, beetroot

Cod (V)
White cabbage, angelica, beurre monté

Grilled wild arctic char
Red currant, carrots, malted hollandaise

Pork belly with rhubarb BBQ
Grilled cabbage, bell pepper compot, crackling

(V) Vegetarian or possible as a vegetarian dish

Reindeer menu

The reindeer (or caribou) is one of East Icelands unique characteristics as they only live in this part of the country. We are very proud to be able to offer a few reindeer courses this year.

Reindeer meat has a rich earthy flavor that isn´t super gamey or tough like other venison. Here at Nielsen we think it is of utmost importance to make use of all the meat and make sure nothing goes to waste as it is in such short supply.

The reindeer dishes will be available as long as our stock lasts.

Reindeer tataki

Mushroom ponzu, scallion, mushroom mole


Reindeer in three ways

Reindeer bresaola, parfait and cured reindeer heart, strawberry & wild thyme compote


The menu is offered in three variations; 3, 5 or 7 course of your choice and are intended for the whole table.


3 course 7.990kr
5 course 11.200kr
7 course 14.900kr

Wine pairing

3 glasses 5.700kr
5 course 8.500kr
7 course 10.500kr


Omnom coffee chocolate mousse
Malted barley ice cream, popped barley

Raspberry sorbet
 Tarragon crumble, whey curd



Using what the land gives is our highest priority.

The constantly evolving menu is constructed around high quality produce in collaboration with local farmers, fishermen, foragers, hunters and small-scale food producers.

Using old Icelandic food preserving methods in combination with other international cooking techniques we take the ingredients at the peak of their flavors, preserve or use them fresh depending on availability.

The chefs are both inspired and limited by the ever-changing availability of local produce.
Making full use of everything we can get locally and substituting foreign/imported ingredients to produce flavors that we know and want can make designing the menu challenging work, but also highly rewarding.


ATT: Due to the setup of the menu and all the work that goes into it,
we are unable to accommodate menus free from milk products or
milk protein.

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