Nielsen Restaurant

Lunch Menu



Menu of the week 28.nov-2.dec

11:30 – 14:00

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2790 ISK

Korean fried chicken

Korean BBQ-sauce, sesame seeds, scallion, koriander, fried egg rice

2890 ISK

PASTA Bolognese

cinfit garlic, parmesan, focaccia bread

2590 ISK

Chicken and cous cous salad

pickled cauliflower, mustard seeds, tomato and parmesan dressing, croutons

2690 ISK

BBQ lamb ribs

potatoes w/truffle mayo, coleslaw

2990 ISK

Lunch Menu

Sweet & Savoury

Chocolate mousse

vanilla ice cream, crumble

1490 ISK

Opening Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 11:30-14:00

Special openings on evenings and events will be advertised later

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