Nielsen Restaurant

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Menu of the week 20th-24th of March

11:30 – 14:00

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3190 ISK

Beef ragú

beef mince, baked tomato sauce, casareccio pasta, Focaccia, salad

3190 ISK

Ceasar salad

chicken, tomatoes, croutons, Ceasar dressing, parmesan

2890 ISK

Traditional Icelandic fish stew

potatoes, salad, rye bread & butter

2790 ISK


black pepper-mayo, salad, tomato relish, cheese, french fries

2990 ISK

Austur – this weeks healthy choice
Lemon marinated chicken

cous cous, black beans, apples, leeks, bell pepper

Kkal: 756, Protein: 50.5gr Carbs: 84gr Fat: 24.6gr

2990 ISK

Lunch Menu

Sweet & Savoury

Crème brûlée



1490 ISK

Opening Hours

Nielsen restaurant is closed from 1. - 15. January.
From 16. January we are open on weekdays from 11:30 - 14:00.

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