Advent Christmas Menu

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Nielsen Restaurant

Christmas Menu

Nielsen restaurant offers a real danish Christmas “hygge” during advent. The Christmas menu is comprised of danish smörrebröd (open-faced sandwiches), herring plates, and of course some sweet bites for dessert. Tuborg Julebryg, Aqvavit, Gammel Dansk, and homemade schnaps are also a vital part of the real danish Christmas hygge experience.

Open from 18:00 on these Fridays and Saturdays:

2. – 3. December
9. – 10. December
16. – 17. December


Pickled herring

The herring is served with rye bread, butter, eggs, and onion.
We recommend trying one of our homemade scnapps with the herring.

Herring platter

Gammel dansk herring, Coconut and curry herring and Nielsen herring.

1 TYPE – 1890 ISK
3 TYPES – 3600 ISK

Other dishes

Gourmet platter (to share)

Shrimp cocktail – shrimp, 1000 Island sauce, dill, egg, lemon, white bread

2490 ISK

Reindeer paté en croute

cherries, mustard seeds

2890 ISK



Ris á l‘amande

w/caramel and cherries

1590 ISK

Three sweet bites

1590 ISK


All the smørredbrød are served in whole or half size. We recommend 2-3 whole ones to fill up empty stomachs. The smørrebrød is served on danish rye bread unless stated otherwise.


eggs, lemon mayo, parsley (white bread)

1790/2550 ISK

Smoked potatoes

chicken salad, bacon, parsley

1690/2450 ISK

Roast beef

egg, fried onions, remoulade, pickles

1890/2650 ISK

Smoked salmon

scrambled eggs, cress, dill mayo

1990/2890 ISK

Beef tartare (a classic)

egg yolk, red onion, horse radish

2500/3200 ISK

Goat cheese

bacon, pine nuts, pear, whey caramel

1690/2450 ISK

The chef‘s plaice

noisette, remoulade, parsely, lemon

1990/2900 ISK

Reindeer liver paté

mushrooms, bacon, pickles

2400/3200 ISK

Crispy pork belly

red cabbage, pickles, parsley

2200/2900 ISK

Opening Hours

Mondays - Fridays: 11:30-14:00

Special openings on evenings and events will be advertised later

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