Nielsen Restaurant

Christmas Menu

Christmas menu



Orange herring, Gammel-dansk herring and/or fried herring

The herring is served with rye bread, butter, eggs and onion.

Herring (choose one type)  1490 ISK

Herring (all three types)  3200 ISK

Danish-Icelandic Christmas tasting platter (for 2)

Cured goose, reindeer tartare, smoked salmon, Mrs.Poulsen’s liver paté, horse radish salad, red onion compot, pickled mustard seeds.

4200 ISK


All smørrebrød is offered in halve size and full size, we recommend 2-3 (full size) per person to feel full. The smørrebrød is prepared on a slice of Danish style rye bread, unless listed otherwise.


eggs, lemon, parsley (white bread)

1590/2350 ISK

Smoked potatoes

chicken salad, bacon, parsley

1590/2350 ISK

Roast beef

egg, fried onions, remoulade, pickles

1690/2450 ISK

Smoked salmon

scrambled eggs, roe (caviar), dill mayonnaise

1990/2890 ISK

Reindeer tartare

egg yolk, red onion, wasabi leaf

2500/3200 ISK

Goat cheese

bacon, pine nuts, whey caramel (white bread)

1620/2400 ISK

The head chefs take on fried plaice

noisette, remoulade, parsley, rhubarb

1850/2600 ISK

Ms. Poulsen’s liver pâté

mushrooms, bacon, pickles

1990/2900 ISK

Crispy pork belly

red cabbage, pickles, parsley

2200/2900 ISK

Smoked duck breast

horseradish salad, apples, herbs

2200/2900 ISK



Ris á l‘amande

caramel sauce, cherries

1390 ISK

Danish Æbleskiver

chocolate salted caramel

1390 ISK

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