Thai take away days

In April we had to think outside the box! Due to Covid-19, we were forced to close Nielsen restaurant temporarily. We wanted to offer the locals of Egilsstaðir and East Iceland something that you could not usually get in Egilsstaðir, just to shake things up a bit.

What the owners, Kári and Sólveig, missed the most from the Reykjavík take away restaurants was Thai food. So, we decided to go Thai for a couple of days.

From the 7th-9th of April, you could take away or get delivered red chicken curry, beef in oyster sauce and deep-fried shrimps with sweet and sour dressing.

The first one sold out, so we did it again on the 46th-26th of April but changed the selection a bit. We cooked green chicken curry, beef in spicy Thai marinade and deep-fried shrimps with sweet and sour dressing.

We were so happy with how everything turned out…and especially that everything sold out! Thank you to everyone for supporting our little restaurant in these trying times. Who knows if we‘ll do this again!